"Your vision will be come clear only when you can look in to your heart. Who looks outside, dreams; and who looks inside, awaken"

Carl Jung


Nia is a full body workout that invites us to listen to our bodies and connect to a deep well of inspiration and freedom of motion. As one connects to the body awareness awakens a sensory experience that invites an alive vibrant flow of energy.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology and science that activates health, potential and capacity. It works with powerful and relaxing breathing, visualisation, dynamic asanas (postures) mantras (chants) along with mudras (hand gestures).


Singing affects confidence, alertness, self esteem, stress levels, self expression, and emotional well being. Coming together to sing in a group takes us out of the mundane, uplifts our hearts, health, mind and spirit.