“May I walk in the company of my own holiness and fall in love with my own soul and be bewitched with the breath of life so I can enjoy my fulfillment forever. Sat Naam.”-YB


Every person is an instrument in the orchestra which is the whole universe, and every voice is the music that comes from one of its instruments

-Hazrat Inayat Khan

Group Singing

Singing affects confidence, alertness, self esteem, stress levels, self expression, and emotional well being. Coming together to sing in a group takes us out of the mundane, uplifts our hearts, health, mind and spirit. It is one of the most ancient forms of expression and communication. When we are born the first thing that lets everyone know we are alive and well is the loud cry that emanates from a new born baby. Our voice is a unique vehicle and communicator of power and creativity.

Throughout life experiences our voice can get repressed, often people forget to make basic sounds that are very healing on many levels. Singing, humming or whistling gets us to breathe deeply massaging internal organs, encouraging more intake of oxygen. Through exercising muscles in the upper body it both tonifies and relaxes, as well as support the nervous system. It also produces oxytocin affecting stress levels.

The mind is constantly bringing in information, thinking many thoughts. When we sing we get suspended in the moment, giving ourselves a break from worries and incessant chatter. Research tells us that music and rhythm stimulates brainwaves providing improved concentration, alertness and a sense of calm.

Our spiritual well being is often ignored, yet singing and music uplift our heart, soul and spirit, giving us a zest for life. When singing within groups of people there is great rapport and bonding that adds to a feeling of connection to others and community.

Siri always applies a body centred approach with the voice, looking at body posture, tension in the body and deepening the breath. How we use or bodies profoundly affects the sound that comes out. The body and voice are not separate if the body is out of balance then often the sound will be.

There are very simple techniques and exercises that we apply and practice over time that helps an individual breathe more deeply, understand the use of breath, and develop awareness of how to use the voice. Many people have negative opinions about both their ability to sing and how they sound. Siri says “I am always amazed when people come to me telling me they can’t sing, because as soon as they start singing within a group they merge with the majority and make wonderful sounds.”

world choir

Acapella Group Singing Classes

Through exploring songs from around the world, harmonizing in acapella with sacred mantras, chants, folk, traditional and gospel, we creatively express our individual unique sound whilst blending and being uplifted by our collective resonance and vibration.

We practise playful physical warm ups, relaxation exercises, vocal techniques to deepen the breath capacity, aligning the posture and freeing the voice. As we actively engage the whole body to sing we can experience a power and transformative quality in the voice that enriches both heart and soul.

No experience or musicality needed just a keen ear to practise the ancient technique of call and response.


I can recommend Siri as a truly inspirational teacher for people who want to re-discover the child like pleasure of singing as part of a group. Siri's superb and confident use of the call and response training method taps into fundamental learning techniques in a satisfying and productive way. The challenge of learning the lyrics and tune in this way was demanding and at the same time more deeply fulfilling than I would have expected. Prepare to have you life enriched!
Steve Kerr
I really enjoyed Siri's singing class. Siri creates a relaxed and fun environment to learning, singing becomes such a natural extension of her loving heart that the ease and freedom to create harmonies flows naturally and spontaneously in the group.
Sonya Leite

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