28th June 2018 – Gong Bath, Relaxation and Meditation


Be renewed and replenished by this powerful and uplifting Gong meditation with Siri Sadhana Kaur.

Let us honour the cyclical nature of the moon together…

As the lunar energy increases from the New Moon towards the Full Moon, perfect conditions are created for planting seeds, launching new ideas and to really consider the qualities we want to grow in our lives.

Siri will lead a warm-up and kundalini mantra meditation inviting you to set intentions for this practice and attune to the frequency of this new moon. An affirmation (Sankalpa) can be acknowledged during the guided relaxation and confirmed again after the Gong bath.

Be renewed and replenished by this powerful and uplifting Gong meditation, and allow the seeds of our intentions to grow and manifest. Just bring your presence and willingness to let go and surrender, allowing the healing properties of the gong to revive your heart and spirit.

During the event we will:
* tune in with 2 mantras (Adi mantra and Mangala Charan mantra) to connect to our highest wisdom and protect and clear our energy field;
* warm up the body with gentle kundalini mantra music, to prepare the body to relax deeply in the gong;
* we will have a (45mins) gong bath lying down;
* stretching coming out of relaxation and meditation that draws on their intention with mantra;
* closing with mantra to ground and crystalise their intention and focus.

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