20th March 2018 – Spring Equinox Celebration with meditation and gong bath @ Evolve Wellness


The spring equinox marks the balance of night and day, dark and light, the internal and external. It is a transition that celebrates the birth of life, of ideas and creativity. It is the phoenix rising from the ashes; honouring that from death always comes life.

As nature comes to life, so do all the seeds of our dreams and aspirations that we planted in the winter. It is a time to gently wake up as our energy begins to shift more towards the outside world. It is also a time to nurture with care that which is budding from within. As we step into spring, we welcome in more light, rejuvenation, regeneration and a new cycle begins. Spring is youthful and reminds us to play, to delight in the beauty that arises as we and nature unfurl and unfold.

Time: 18:30-20:30

Location: Evolve Wellness, 10 Kendrick Mews, London SW7 3HG

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