A Celebration of Summer Solstice + International Yoga day

New remix Mantra release album-includes the ambient lounge track

‘Dance of Soul’
Siri Sadhana Kaur +
Aloka Collister


RA=sun, MA=Moon light symbolising our consciousness. RAMA takes us toward union of the light of the sun and the moon

My recent recording and collaboration mantra album is ‘Dance of Soul’ Siri Sadhana Kaur & Aloka Collister. This production fuses upbeat Electronic grooves and deep ambient soundscapes, creating sacred mantra through the use of original world instruments that serve as a foundation and platform for the harmonic melodies and vocals.

The solstice sun is closest to the earth, and this year falls on a monday (moon day!)

Within a spiritual journey we look to the sun, moon and stars. as teachers and guides as without, so without so within, reflecting the outer divine play existing in the heavens. We can view the sun through a lense of being the spiritual and physical heart within our universe. Solstice serves us midway through the year, as the sun moves closer to earth, our whole humanity is infused with in the solar rays reminding us that we are light, warmth and consciousness, and that we can inhabit and live within that expansive state and awareness.

Chanting mantras supports us in restructuring habits and changing thought patterns.  We chant mantras as a conscious method to control our mood and thought, working with different sounds, rhythms and tonality. In Mantra, Man means mind, and Tra means to go through. Our thoughts are silent sounds that we create, and each sound becomes a universal vibration. The more refined our thoughts, the more elevated our vibration becomes. The more elevated our vibrations are, the closer we can get to the highest vibration of all– our highest consciousness.

Siri Sadhana Kaur is a UK mantra recording artist, dancer and a Lead Kundalini yoga trainer. Her love of embodying the sacred through movement, melody and rhythm led to her to record an ecclectic mix of 9 music mantra albums. She runs Level 1 KRI Aquarian teacher trainings, and Level 2 events with the Karam Kriya School with a training starting January 2022. www.sirisadhana.com

Like the moon I will fade away, but like the sun I will rise again


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