13th July – Mantra dance, chant and gong bath @ TriYoga Chelsea

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With all life deadlines and stress, a great antidote is to chant your heart out, dance your socks off, and then surrender in bliss with the healing sounds of the gong. Our body is our greatest feedback mechanism, through connecting to the body and opening our hearts we can nourish and expand our deep sense of self.

Mantra dance takes you through a cycle of vigorously moving the body in a deeply devotional way, then chanting to take you toward the inner dance-then the icing on the cake is the gong it literally bathes you in relaxation.

Join me for a  “A virtual botox of the soul” (see below) at TriYoga Chelsea on 13th July – Tickets available here.

A lovely testimonial from Hayley who attended a recent Kundalini meditation: 

My love of yoga began two decades ago. It is the one true love affair that should never end. I have experienced transcendent moments and wonderful teachers through Triyogo Studios. My yoga journey is a magical abundant spiritual journey, which became so much more from the very first moment I was fortunate enough to attend a Kundalini class taken by Siri Sadhana Kaur.
She is a truly beautiful person who emanates the most inspiring pure energy. At the beginning of her class her gentle voice opens up the narrative for the Kriya (specific dynamic asanas) at the heart of Kundalini. Kriyas push the body, the breath of fire stokes the dynamic energy within. I felt so moved, alive, joyous from the very beginning. Throughout, Siri gently encourages to take it slightly further, to renew the body and inner strength. There is sweat, limbs might shake as they seek unfamiliar postures. The Kriya is life affirming. First you work hard, sustaining postures, enduring and then…the oasis reward for the physical effort.

As I lay on the mat covered in my blanket for the deep relaxation, for the first time, my body really did sink towards the ground beneath, my entire being drifting downwards, Siri plays the Gong, it is a familiar, yet omnipotent sound that captures and cleanses the soul. Siri always ends the Kundalini class with her utterly gorgeous vocals and guitar. I feel blessed beyond belief that I am fortunate enough to have, what can only be described, as a spiritual re-awakening every time I attend her classes. She is the most knowledgable, special, charismatic caring teacher.

Recently for the second time, I attended her Gong Bath at Triyoga Studies in Chelsea. Her lovely daughter and musician friend added even more magic to a two hour free flowing musical dancing quite religious experience that filled the studio with both glorious voices of mother and daughter, the gong sound washing over us reaching out to the inner pores, massaging tiredness both spiritual and physical, bringing youth, vitality and happiness – a virtual Botox of the soul cleansing and redeeming minds and body to a lighter more child like state.

Siri Sadhana Kaur’s Gong Bath is a revelation and the ultimate response to a fragile, alienating modern world. It transforms and bathes light directly into the soul. NOT TO BE MISSED.

28th June 2018 – Gong Bath, Relaxation and Meditation

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Be renewed and replenished by this powerful and uplifting Gong meditation with Siri Sadhana Kaur.

Let us honour the cyclical nature of the moon together…

As the lunar energy increases from the New Moon towards the Full Moon, perfect conditions are created for planting seeds, launching new ideas and to really consider the qualities we want to grow in our lives.

Siri will lead a warm-up and kundalini mantra meditation inviting you to set intentions for this practice and attune to the frequency of this new moon. An affirmation (Sankalpa) can be acknowledged during the guided relaxation and confirmed again after the Gong bath.

Be renewed and replenished by this powerful and uplifting Gong meditation, and allow the seeds of our intentions to grow and manifest. Just bring your presence and willingness to let go and surrender, allowing the healing properties of the gong to revive your heart and spirit.

During the event we will:
* tune in with 2 mantras (Adi mantra and Mangala Charan mantra) to connect to our highest wisdom and protect and clear our energy field;
* warm up the body with gentle kundalini mantra music, to prepare the body to relax deeply in the gong;
* we will have a (45mins) gong bath lying down;
* stretching coming out of relaxation and meditation that draws on their intention with mantra;
* closing with mantra to ground and crystalise their intention and focus.

Booking information:


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This summer, my daughter and I will be touring around Europe, playing music, singing and teaching at various yoga festivals.

Join us in our travels this summer: