Spring – Summer Festivals 2019

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Mind Body Spirit Festival 24th-27th May (Olympia London)

friday 24th 3pm main stage-mantra medicine for the soul

friday 24th 17.45 wellbeing studio-mantra dance medicine for the soul

monday 27th 11am alchemy of sound-Mantra in motion

monday 27th 11.30 ceremony space– welcoming soul home, through soulful and playful celebration, ritual and song, we will weave and honor simple ceremony, connecting to our deepest essence.   

GBKYF 28th may-2nd June  (St Albans, UK)

28th may-I am teaching afternoon workshop, and chanting kirtan in the evening.       
29th may leading sadhana mantras              

German Kundalini festival 29th may-2nd june  

29th may I am opening the festival with singing

European kundalini festival 27th july-4th august (France)

I will teach mantra dance + play music

Swedish Yoga Festival “Jarna Yogadagar” -23rd-25th august

I will teach mantra dance + play music

May-July 2019 Events

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Mantra Dance for the Soul @ Tri Yoga Chelsea – 16th June – 4-6pm

Singing+dance medicine for the soul with Siri Sadhana Kaur + friends Tri Yoga Chelsea

This event invites your dancing feet to express the inner shakti-primordial creative energy, then weave into some bhakti chanting. Heartful, intuitive and sustaining, shakti and bhakti opens the dialogue between the aspects of self that create, move and do, and the parts that receive, serve and connect to our greater consciousness. We will draw on the expressiveness of modern and ethnic dance, the power of martial arts and the wisdom and stillness of yoga. Using upbeat mantra music and inspired movement we will restore vitality and celebrate radiance in unlimited playfulness. Having actively engaged the whole body, we will then sing and chant simple mantras, to experience ourselves as divine instruments of power and transformation, enriching our hearts and souls. As the Gong is played, we are then guided into a deep restorative relaxation, revitalizing our body and energy systems

Next dates:

Sunday 14th July 4-6pm

Friday 16th August 7.30-9.30pm

Bookings here – Early Bird pricing available.

Chanting + Gong Bath @ Evolve Wellness South Kensington – 2nd July (6.30-8.30pm)

The sounds and vibrations of the gong help you achieve a deep sense of relaxation – all you have to do is lay down and let the sounds wash over you. Apart from its mesmerising sound, the gong has been shown to have therapeutic value: to detoxify, reduce blood pressure, relieve stress and stimulate the immune system.


Bookings here                                            

From January 2019: Kundalini Yoga/ Aquarian Teacher Training Level 1

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I will be teaching the Kundalini Yoga/Aquarian Teacher Training level 1 at Evolve Wellness South Kensington from 19th January, for the internationally recognised Karam Kriya School.

It is based on a serie of 9 monthly weekends and a 5-day retreat at the school Ashram in Portugal. If you are interested, more information are available here, and feel free to contact me for further information and for bookings.

September to October 2018 – Mantra Dance, Gong Bath and more…

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Many events coming up this fall, hold the dates for:

30th september Mantra and Gong evening at Dojo Centre (Kensal Green)  : Celebrating our new CD Transition featuring Siri Sadhana, Lucy Keaveney and friends and taking you on a Journey Into Your Spirit Through Sound – Tickets here

Sunday 14th october Mantra Dance, Chanting & Gong bath at TriYoga Chelsea: Singing & dance medicine for the soul with Siri Sadhana and friends – Book your class here

19th+20th October Yoga Show – Alexandra Palace – Siri Sadhana will be there with KYTA (Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association) – Program and Tickets here

23rd October Full Moon Gong Bath at Evolve Wellness (Chelsea) – As the lunar energy increases from the New Moon towards the Full Moon, perfect conditions are created for planting seeds, launching new ideas and to really consider the qualities we want to grow in our lives. With Lucy Keaveney and Siri Sadhana.

This is a regular event, next dates are 22nd November and 11th December – Booking &Information here

26th-28th October Irish Kundalini Festival: Yoga Gathering in Termonfeckin, Co. Louth –Booking & information here



13th July – Mantra dance, chant and gong bath @ TriYoga Chelsea

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With all life deadlines and stress, a great antidote is to chant your heart out, dance your socks off, and then surrender in bliss with the healing sounds of the gong. Our body is our greatest feedback mechanism, through connecting to the body and opening our hearts we can nourish and expand our deep sense of self.

Mantra dance takes you through a cycle of vigorously moving the body in a deeply devotional way, then chanting to take you toward the inner dance-then the icing on the cake is the gong it literally bathes you in relaxation.

Join me for a  “A virtual botox of the soul” (see below) at TriYoga Chelsea on 13th July – Tickets available here.

A lovely testimonial from Hayley who attended a recent Kundalini meditation: 

My love of yoga began two decades ago. It is the one true love affair that should never end. I have experienced transcendent moments and wonderful teachers through Triyogo Studios. My yoga journey is a magical abundant spiritual journey, which became so much more from the very first moment I was fortunate enough to attend a Kundalini class taken by Siri Sadhana Kaur.
She is a truly beautiful person who emanates the most inspiring pure energy. At the beginning of her class her gentle voice opens up the narrative for the Kriya (specific dynamic asanas) at the heart of Kundalini. Kriyas push the body, the breath of fire stokes the dynamic energy within. I felt so moved, alive, joyous from the very beginning. Throughout, Siri gently encourages to take it slightly further, to renew the body and inner strength. There is sweat, limbs might shake as they seek unfamiliar postures. The Kriya is life affirming. First you work hard, sustaining postures, enduring and then…the oasis reward for the physical effort.

As I lay on the mat covered in my blanket for the deep relaxation, for the first time, my body really did sink towards the ground beneath, my entire being drifting downwards, Siri plays the Gong, it is a familiar, yet omnipotent sound that captures and cleanses the soul. Siri always ends the Kundalini class with her utterly gorgeous vocals and guitar. I feel blessed beyond belief that I am fortunate enough to have, what can only be described, as a spiritual re-awakening every time I attend her classes. She is the most knowledgable, special, charismatic caring teacher.

Recently for the second time, I attended her Gong Bath at Triyoga Studies in Chelsea. Her lovely daughter and musician friend added even more magic to a two hour free flowing musical dancing quite religious experience that filled the studio with both glorious voices of mother and daughter, the gong sound washing over us reaching out to the inner pores, massaging tiredness both spiritual and physical, bringing youth, vitality and happiness – a virtual Botox of the soul cleansing and redeeming minds and body to a lighter more child like state.

Siri Sadhana Kaur’s Gong Bath is a revelation and the ultimate response to a fragile, alienating modern world. It transforms and bathes light directly into the soul. NOT TO BE MISSED.