Sobonfu Somé (International Indigenous teacher)

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Two Year Ritual Healing Village Training 2015-2017

Sobonfu Somé (International Indigenous teacher)

Sobonfu Somé

Ancient Healing Practices from West Africa
Sobonfu Somé

“This program is designed to encourage you to go beyond old wounds, and to develop into your own being.”

It is compelling and profound to remember why we have come into this life. In this training we will: get in touch with and claim our unique personal gifts (inborn abilities), especially those hidden by pain and failure; be acknowledged within our circle of peers for our gifts; step into community leadership roles of the indigenous kind; cultivate a deeper sense of humility, and be supported in living the life we have come to live.

We will achieve these objectives through accessing spiritual and mythological resources that have long been a part of indigenous cultures. Participants will learn how to embody these resources in ways that are meaningful within our contemporary culture. We will also learn how to use these resources for healing and inner development, first for the individual, then for the community.

* Principles of healing
* Rituals and creating sacred space
* The power of prayer, intention and invocation
* Embodying the five elemental energies of the Dagara cosmology
* Honoring the Spirits, the Ancestors, the
sacred and other dimensional beings
* Introduction to Divination using Cowry shells
* Building Community
* Uncovering meanings in Dagara symbols
* Finding your personal gifts
* Exploring dreams that reveal life patterns.
This training consists of 6 modules. five full weekend sessions, from 10am on friday to Noon on Sunday. And an additional weekend module is a four-day intensive retreat
2015- 4th-6th Dec.
2016-1-3rd july, 2-4th Dec.
2017- 24th-26th march, 20th-23rd july. 1-3rd Dec.
Tuition fee only is £2,100.
On residential trainings Participants will be charged for food and accommodation, these will be booked at the latest 4 months before the weekend date and you will be informed at least 4 months in advance of these additional costs. Not all the weekends will be residential trainings and participants will in some cases need to find accommodation close to the venue (in some cases we will be able to put you in touch with local contacts and friends at a small cost)

There is an application request process. There is a non refundable application fee of £30. Application is sent on request. Deadline for application is October 29th 2015. We need a minimum number for the training to go ahead.
“This program is one of a kind. We don’t know of anywhere else this kind of authentic mentoring is available.”

Who can benefit from this program?
Anyone who feels a yearning to break away from old limitations and habits, and to live from his/her greater Self. Anyone who sees value in the old ways and who knows the importance of community. Anyone who feels a deep connection with the great beyond. Anyone who seeks Self-knowledge and growth. Anyone who is in transition.

Through the Ritual Healing Village you will master the basic components of ritual and sacred space; experientially know what ritual is and what it is not; and to know when, where and how to use it. This is an in-depth training in authentic indigenous practices of the Dagara of West Africa and Elsewhere.
About Sobonfu Somé
“There is a deep longing among people in the West to connect with something bigger — with community and spirit. People know there is something missing in there lives, and believe that the rituals and ancient ways of the village offer some answers.” These are the poignant words of author and teacher Sobonfu Somé, one of the first and most widely respected voices on African spirituality to come to the West. Sobonfu, whose name means “keeper of the rituals,” was destined from birth to teach the ancient practices of her ancestors. She shares the rich culture of her native Burkina Faso, one of the world’s poorest countries yet one of the richest in spiritual life and custom. Her books include: “The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient Teachings in the Ways of Relationships”; “Welcoming Spirit Home: Ancient African Teachings to Celebrate Children and Community” and her newest “Falling Out Of Grace: Meditation on Loss, Healing and Wisdom.”
Sobonfu tours the U.S. and Europe often, offering training programs, lectures and workshops. Sobonfu’s message about spirit, community and ritual rings with an intuitive power and truth that Alice Walker has said, “…can help us put together so many things that our modern Western world has broken.”

All participants must request and complete the application process before being admitted.