Rise and Shine in 2021

Ancients knew the world was sound, quantum mechanics understand nothing solid exists, that it’s all vibration. Plato said sound is the basis of the universe.

In my youth, music and sound guided me to blues and jazz, I sang and busked in Paris. Later, the communal experience of voice got me teaching world songs and harmonies in acapella choirs. I witnessed how sound transformed students experience, as they discovered their own voice as an instrument

The past 15 years have fostered a love for the technology of mantra. This year through the pandemic, I was delighted to release my 8th music and mantra Album ‘Rise + Shine’ Featuring my daughter Aloka. This album took 2 years to make. During this time many things changed within and without. I learned a deep surrender in my day today and began understanding a wider sense and meaning of love.  Each challenge I faced in this time awoke in me more simplicity and a profound connection to myself and purpose.

These times have required a tremendous wake up for many of us to do things differently. Nature is incredibly nonnegotiable in confronting us with our demoting habits. The clever mind-field has no escape. Technology and information overload tend to drown out our connection with the soul. Yet we can commit to ways of listening into that small voice, that enable an alignment with core resources, that both strengthen and guide. One breath, one sound with the right intention, can fill us with the vibrancy of our potential, and nourish our whole existence. We can utilize our emotional charge, transforming a moment toward greater understanding.

Mantras are encoded and interrupt linear existence. The sounds, rhythm, and vibration are potent formulas for our hearts to blossom. It’s where we access forgiveness and understanding for ourselves and others. Using sound and mantra as healing is like a sonic massage and sound bath, we get to detox, wash, and clear a pathway toward our greater becoming. 

– Siri Sadhana Kaur

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