“May I walk in the company of my own holiness and fall in love with my own soul and be bewitched with the breath of life so I can enjoy my fulfillment forever. Sat Naam.”-YB

Siri's Music

UK Artist Siri Sadhana Kaurs soulful and rich vocals awakens the heart and get your cells vibrating through inspiring and rythmical melodies that celebrate, transform both mind and soul. The album features her daughter Aloka singing Japa man which is an angelic and musical treat for all. The power of these Ancient yogic mantras create an elevating enviroment and experience that invites you to sing and harmonise. Produced and arranged by Moshik Kop in London.​

Through mantra and shabad we experience power and transformation, enriching heart, mind and soul.This Cd is made in gratitude of life, and an ever growing love and respect for the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga (taught by Yogi Bhajan) and the all Sikh Gurus who stood and graced us with virtues to live by.
This music is intended to support meditation, yoga practice and to upliftment.

Aloka is from ancient sanskrit one of the oldest languages in the world. Loka means a realm of existence/dimension of consciousness, not just a spacial but also a psycological, both formless and not with form. Aloka can be translated as -more than or beyond this realm or existence, it is also linked to ‘light’ ‘seeing’ ‘iluminating’, Aloka is beyond this world or realm, or not of this world. It is my daughters birth name. May we all be blessed by that fragrance and grace that takes us to the place where truth resides so we may become that light of truth and awaken that with in all whom we meet

Songs to sing with children, inspired and gathered from The North London Rudolf Steiner School kindergarden
This cd is dedicated to the creative inspired child within us all, that sings with so much joy and freedom that it bursts open the gateway to our souls purpose and wisdom
It includes songs for all year round and throughout the seasons of spring, summer, autumn, winter and advent.

These Aquarian mantras are chanted in the (ambrosial hours- two and a half hours before the sun rises) they were given by Yogi Bhajan the master of Kundalini Yoga. His instruction was to use until 2013 as a foundation of strength to awaken the truth and wisdom of the soul as we move fully into the Aquarian Age. Sadhana is a way to cleanse the body and psyche of subconscious patterns and habits. The glandular system is stimulated through the vibration of sound, we become like a stringed instrument plucked and resonated into alignment.

Through chanting together in community we can begin to develop capacity, range and elevate our consciousness calming the duality of the mind and finding a resting place for heart and soul as we move toward our inner divinity.

The rich tones and the wonderful harmonies provided a soundscape which enable you to immerse your self in an uplifting journey – calming the mind, nourishing the spirit and creating a true sense of well-being within. Highly recommended.

These ancient Sanskrit and Gurumuki mantras are accompanied by soulful and lyrical melodies that transform and uplift. The percussive rhythms take the listener on a mindful journey that uplifts yet soothes the soul, conveying a message of creativity and healing consciousness. Siri Sadhana Kaurs rich vocal tones and harmonies are devotional and expressive penetrating the senses whilst giving an experience of dynamic joyful connection.

This CD can be used to support yogic practise, healing massage and meditation or enhance any environment.

What people say?

“Siri Sadhana reaches the realm of Spirit, with a joyful womanly heart, through sacred chants that she shares.”
Snatam Kaur
“Sacred Nectar is a beautiful Cd, with an innovative and creative approach to Gurmukhi Mantra, that will enrich and uplift your Yoga Practise. ”
Markus Harimandir
(Mirabai Ceiba)
“Great musical medicine….speaks directly to the soul.”
“‘Comes from the heart. Highest art always has this devotional aspect to it.”
Sati Wits
“It is rich, deep, funky and soulful”
Siri Arti Kaur
“You are my very favorite mantra-rock star!”
Mirtha Gomez
“Touches my heart deeply, reaches the depth of my soul.”
Preet Singh
 “An inspirational and divine voice”
Vânia Magalhães
 “Your voice is rich and passionate. It touches the chord of truth.”
Nikki Slade
"Wow. Her voice and style reminds me of a very special indie-pop group I used to love in the late 80s – Everything But the Girl. That’s a good thing!"
Donna Quesada
“I loooooveeeee her rhythm Guru Bless u!!!”
Akal Sahai Kaur Gallardo
“A truly beautiful voice, rich tones and wonderful harmonies! Calming the mind, nourishing my spirit”
Anthony Davies

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