“May I walk in the company of my own holiness and fall in love with my own soul and be bewitched with the breath of life so I can enjoy my fulfillment forever. Sat Naam.”-YB

Mantra Dance

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body."
-Martha Graham, American Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer of modern dance, 1894-1991

This dance combines the power of vibrating and toning your voice using kundalini yoga mantras, and accessing the freedom and joy of dance expression through the body. We begin by warming up the body to dance within a sequence of movement medicine, intelligently crafted and designed to direct the body towards transformation so you can willingly be guided into a state of ‘Grace’, and effortless joy to the accompaniment of music that speaks directly to the soul and gets your cells humming. We will then warm up the vocal cords and open the resonating cavities of the body to experience our range and vocal potential with mantras from the Kundalini Yoga Tradition.


Siri’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious!

You have such a talent, you always have so much to offer and bring such a sense of joy and fun and more than that, what you express so obviously comes from the heart too. To me, highest art always has this devotional aspect to it.

“You’re a wonderfully talented musician, dancer and performer”

Mantra Dance as taught by Siri Sadhana, is the nearest I have come to recapturing that feeling of lightness and love that normally only comes after dancing the night away at some heavenly party.

And yet, it is only an hour long session and all we have done is follow the lead of our teacher who is wonderfully allowing us to express ourselves through movement, and breath on a floor that is large, with music that touches the soul, moves the spirit and makes for an uplifting and joyous experience.

There is nothing quite like Mantra dance.

I first met Siri at an April Fool’s Dance Jam that she was leading. I was suffering from depression at the time and the jubilant, engaging atmosphere of the large group of Nia teachers and students was one of the first things that lifted some of the sadness I was feeling. The jam was two hours long, and though I dragged myself there and took a little while to relax, by the end I felt much lighter and freer than before. The experience was so positive that I decided to start taking regular classes with Siri. Siri has boundless energy and enthusiasm and makes the classes a wonderful combination of fun exercise, mindfulness, buoyancy and empowerment. She is very good at drawing out each person’s natural voice and abilities, and I cheerfully finish each class feeling healthier in both body and mind. Siri’s class is one of the highlights of my week and a chance to focus on being in the moment and playfully exercising in a way that is beautifully uplifting.

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