What Is Guru Ram Das Project?​

What Is Guru Ram Das Project?

Guru Ram Das Project is a UK based Charity set-up with the primary aim of improving the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the community

what we do

The Guru Ram Das Project shares the technology of Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan with those who are vulnerable, in crisis or otherwise in need – people who would not be able to make their way to public yoga classes (or for whom public yoga classes would not be suitable).​

Past and present client groups include children, the elderly, dementia patients, mental health service users, those with chronic illnesses, women escaping domestic violence, addicts and the homeless. Many of GRDP’s classes are held within partner organisations (e.g. St Mungos, NHS or Castlehaven), where GRDP recruits and support the yoga teacher and the partner organisation recruits class participants and provides the venue. In addition to regular classes, GRDP runs projects (often specialist trainings for teaching particular client groups such as very young children, late stage dementia patients, people living with HIV/AIDS or those with mobility difficulties). They also organise community events which fulfil one or more of the following criteria – bringing Sangat together, educating the public about Sikh Dharma or Dharmic living and promoting interfaith harmony and co-operation.

The Guru Ram Das Project would always love to hear from those who wish to offer seva (e.g fundraising, teaching, event organising), those who are already teaching Kundalini Yoga to vulnerable people, and organisations who would like to have a yoga or meditation class set up for their staff or clients.

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