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New Album, Dance of Soul. Coming Soon!!!

Siri Sadhana Kaur’s soulful and rich vocals awakens the heart and get your cells vibrating through inspiring and rhythmical melodies that transform both mind and spirit. Healing sound cleans the psyche and body of subconscious patterns and habits. The glandular system is stimulated through the vibration of sound, we become like a stringed instrument plucked and resonated into alignment. These Ancient and sacred mantras elevate, inviting you to chant along and harmonise. Siris daughter Aloka has sung and featured on all her albums since a young age, her angelic vocal addition is a musical treat for all. This music intends to uplift, support yoga and meditation practice. It  elevates our consciousness, calming the duality of the mind and finding a resting place for heart and soul, that we may move toward our inner divinity.

“Siri Sadhana reaches the realm of Spirit, with a joyful womanly heart, through sacred chants that she shares.” .
Snatam Kaur
“Sacred Nectar is a beautiful Cd, with an innovative and creative approach to Gurmukhi Mantra, that will enrich and uplift your Yoga Practise. ”
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 “Your voice is rich and passionate. It touches the chord of truth.”
Nikki Slade

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